Samurai Lottery

Samurai Lottery allows its NFT node holders to try their luck. Each game has a fixed play cost of 500 xHNR tokens, and the entire game process is fully managed by the protocol and its underlying smart contracts. Players are required to hold at least 1 NFT and 500 xHNR in order to be eligible to play.

Available Rewards in Pool
0 xHNR
Winning Reward
1000 xHNR

Select between 2 game modes

Samurai Lottery currently offers 2 possible game modes. You can choose either depending on your preferences.

Play Lottery using Nodes

Play the Samurai Lottery either win 1000 xHNR or lose 500 xHNR tokens in unclaimed rewards. Should you win, the reward will be directly sent to your wallet whereas a defeat will impose a cost on your unclaimed rewards. By using your node NFTs to play Samurai Lottery, your unclaimed rewards will not be affected by the claims tax mechanism.

Play Lottery using xHNR

Play the Samurai lottery and either win 1000 xHNR or lose 500 xHNR tokens. Make sure that you own at least 1 Honour Node NFT and have at least 500 xHNR tokens to start with. Whether you win or lose, the amount will be paid to or taken directly from your connected wallet respectively. Connect your wallet & approve the contract once and press Play + xHNR.